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Care Packages

Any member that is out of the Country for at least thirty days will receive a monthly care package every month to not only ensure that they have all of the items they need, but to comfort them and let them know that we are thinking of them.

Educational Assistance

Education is important for all stages of life. We guide our youth by providing them with tutoring and mentors. At college level,  we provide school grants and education services that ensure our members graduate.

Childcare Vouchers

We have teamed up with many daycares that offer our members discounts for childcare. We also provide childcare vouchers that allow us to cover up to a month of childcare for our members.

Transition Assistance

We offer our members tremendous transition assistance which includes job placement, letters of recommendations, housing vouchers and additional resources for civilian life.

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Community Service

Our members pride themselves on being selfless. We dedicate time, funds and resources to help build up our communities.

Transportation Assistance 

We offer transportation assistance to our members and members of our community. We also provide resources to locate affordable transportation and small grants to purchase cash cars.